Germany downplays extremists traveling to fight in Ukraine — Analysis

Berlin suggested that potential combatants might have their passports taken to stop them leaving the country.

German Interior Ministry tried to minimize suggestions right-wing extremists might be traveling from Europe to fight for Ukraine. However, this was only a small number of cases.

“Significantly fewer”A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said that extremists traveled more from Germany than 10 people reported. The spokespersons did not say how many cases had been confirmed.

The spokesperson for Germany confirmed that Germany was looking into ways to stop right-wing extremists traveling to Ukraine to take part in the conflict operations.

German law currently does not prohibit Ukrainians and Germans Ukrainians from travelling to Ukraine in order to combat the Russians during the ongoing invasion.

Ukrainian refugees could be housed in oligarchs’ mansions

Berlin issued the statement after Volodymyr Zilensky, Ukrainian President, said that 16,000 people from abroad had pledged to oppose Russia. “the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world”As part of the an “international legion.”

For those who wish to travel to conflict-torn areas of Ukraine and combat the Russians, Kiev temporarily lifted visa requirements.

Since 2014 when separatists took parts of eastern Donbass, foreign citizens have been supporting Ukrainian forces. Russia only days before it began its military offensive, recognized Donetsk’s and Lugansk republics in breakaway as independent states.

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