New York declares monkeypox emergency — Analysis

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has declared an emergency in response to the spread of monkeypox. She also promised to implement measures to end the epidemic.

In order to support our ongoing efforts in fighting the monkeypox, I have declared a State Disaster Emergency,” she tweeted.

The governor also issued an executive order, noting that New York “The highest transmission rates are currently being experienced in this area” in the country.

First monkeypox deaths outside Africa reported

New York is home to more than half of the monkeypox patients in America. It has an disproportionate effect on high-risk populations. Our team is working round the clock to provide more vaccines and expand our testing capabilities, as well as to educate New Yorkers about how to keep safe.,” Hochul said.

This executive order expands the number of people who can administer vaccines. It now covers EMS personnel as well pharmacists, midwives and physicians.

Hochul claimed that she was able to obtain an additional 110,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine, making it to 170,000. They will deliver the additional doses in four to six more weeks.

This declaration follows similar actions taken Thursday by San Francisco authorities, who declared a state emergency due to the monkeypox epidemic.

New York was the nation’s state with the highest monkeypox incidences as of July 29, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number is 1,345. According to San Francisco, there had been 305 cases of monkeypox in that city by the same date.

Monkeypox can be similar to smallpox in humans and has been endemic in some parts of West Africa and Central Africa. The symptoms of monkeypox include headaches, fever, muscle aches (backache), swollen glands, chills and exhaustion. According to the WHO, the current outbreak “It is most common among men who sex with other men, particularly those with multiple partners.” because the disease is often transmitted through close skin-to-skin contact or contaminated materials such as bedding.

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