German-Slovakian arms swap for Ukraine in limbo – media — Analysis

Bratislava, according to some reports, wants an equal amount of modern tanks in order before sending its T-72s into Ukraine

According to Business Insider, Slovakia rejected an offer from Germany of 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks and 30 Soviet-era T-72s in return for sending them back to Ukraine. Bratislava rejected the offer of 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks in exchange for 30 Soviet-era T-72s to Ukraine, according to Business Insider.

In the article is a statement from the Slovakian defense ministry complaining that swaps between Eastern European nations and Slovakia had better terms.

“They deliver a weapon system to Ukraine and receive two from Germany or another country in return. Slovakia is home to 30 T-72 tankers. Our 15 Leopard main combat tanks, however, are insufficient. We need 30 for a tank battalion,”According to the report, a spokesperson from the ministry stated that.

Jaroslav Nád, Slovakian Defense Minister, stated in May that his nation was ready to send its T-72s fleet, which is part of Slovakia’s Soviet bloc past, to help support Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine’s weapons wish list could leave US weakened – media

After hosting their Dutch and German counterparts at Sliac’s airbase, he made the announcement. Minister emphasized that Slovakia will need Leopard tanks to protect its national security as well as to fulfill its NATO obligations.

Experts in military affairs expressed concerns that the terms and conditions of the chain swap could be problematic. German military experts pointed out that Leopard 2 is an advanced armor, and would prefer to swap them one-for-one.

Slovakia agreed to send the Ukraine its old S-300 air defence systems in return for the US-made Patriot missile system. This was supplied by Germany, USA, and the Netherlands.

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