Central organizer of Ottawa Covid protests denied bail — Analysis

Supporters have referred to mandate protester Tamara Lich as a “political prisoner” after she was denied bail

On Tuesday, one of the organizers of the Covid-19 protests, Ottawa, Canada, was refused bail. The judge stated that she believed releasing her would mean that the activist would be reoffending.

Tamara Lich is described as the key organizer of the recent protests on Parliament Hill as well as the closing down of border crossings between Canada and the USA. She was charged last week with counseling for mischief. 

Justice Julie Bourgeois informed Lich that her detention had been a result of bail hearings “necessary for the protection and safety of the public.” 

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Lich helped to organize the crowdfunding campaigns for Freedom Convoy protests. He has received support from many, including Jordan Peterson who pointed out past support of Bourgeois by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which was a sign that Lich should have recused.

“Even the appearance of impartiality no longer matters. The judge has a clear moral duty to recuse herself,”He claimed that he had a tweet

Lich was also referred to by others as “a” “political prisoner.”

Lich’s lawyer said she will appeal the bail decision, and is set to appear in court again on March 2. Lich was also told by the judge to stay away from other organizers, such as Christopher Barber who was only hours earlier taken into custody. 

Lich said in a video posted on social media the day prior to her arrest, that she was going to prison and calling it “The Prisoner.” “inevitable”And she said that she was “not afraid.”

Trudeau repeatedly condemned the demonstrations at issue, which started with the Freedom Convoy, a convoy of truckers who protested Covid border mandates. Trudeau, a Canadian leader, enacted the Emergencies Act to expand the law enforcement powers that could arrest or shut down protests. 

Over 190 people were arrested in the massive police operation. Most of them are facing criminal charges. Police also tow away more than 100 vehicles involved in the demonstrations and took them into custody.  

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