Gandalf? Meteor Man? Rings of Powers’ Unanswered Questions

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the first two episodes. The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power.

Two episodes from the initial two seasons of The Rings of Power Prime Video’s Lord of the RingsPrequel series sets the stage for a dramatic story that will run over five seasons. The show is set in the Second Age thousands of years prior to Frodo’s birth. It will follow the rise and fall of Sauron, as well as the creation of the titular ring, which includes the king of them all. Already, characters such as Galadriel are able to sense when something is wrong in Middle-earth.

Showrunners J.D. In the first episode of the series, Patrick McKay (showrunner) introduces many mystery in Payne’s and McKay’s early episodes. There are many evil-looking items and sketchy men who drop from the skies. And of course, audiences are on the lookout for Sauron, who we know—from what author J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about Sauron in the annexes. Return of the King—In order to fool the elves during that time, the evil lord disguised his identity. There are many theories on whether or not the evil lord disguises himself as one of these supposed heroes.

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We hope that the show will answer these questions before we reach the end of the season.

Who did the falling man from the skies?

It is important that the magical stranger be there. Nori and Poppy talk about who the mysterious stranger might be after he is thrown from the meteor. They eliminate the possibility of him being an elf (no pointy ears) or mortal man (men can’t wield magic). That leaves us with the following:

Wizard may provide an obvious solution. Though Gandalf didn’t make his way to Middle-earth until the Third Age, according to Tolkien, it’s possible that showrunners J.D. Patrick McKay and Payne have discovered a way around this reality. Oder the stranger might be an entirely different wizard.

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Sauron could be this man, or he may just be a stranger. As he collapses to the ground, his camera zooms to see what appears to be an eye of fire. That is Sauron in action. Lord of the Rings.

What’s up with the evil Sauron sword?

Tyroe Muhafidin is Theo Rings of Power

Ben Rothstein—Prime Video

Bronwyn’s son Theo is casually carrying around a broken sword that has Sauron’s symbol carved into it and—checks notes—oh yes, sucks blood out of people’s wounds. This very dangerous weapon was found by Theo. It is what?

Some theories are my own. The town where Bronwyn and Theo reside is home to loyalists to Sauron’s old master Morgoth. To prevent evil from returning, Elf soldiers such as Arondir patrol the region. Their home also happens to be located quite close to Mordor, which can’t be good for property values.

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So it’s possible Theo found this weapon on the ground one day. But I’m betting he either got it or stole it from his dad. We haven’t heard anything about Theo’s dad—whether he’s dead, alive, or an evil lord by the name of Sauron. OK, so I don’t think his dad is actually Sauron, but he could be a Sauron supporter who died wielding that now-broken sword.

As to the blade’s origins: I have no answers. To my knowledge Tolkien did not write about the blade. The weapon might be an original creation. But it no doubt offers some clue as to where Sauron is hiding and what he’s up to.

What’s in the (dwarf) box?

Owain Arthur is Prince Durin The Rings of Power

Ben Rothstein—Prime Video

Classic Pulp FictionIn typical fashion, King Durin III opens a box towards the end of episode one and sees a glowing object inside. King Durin III boasts that the treasure will be essential to the future of their subterranean kingdom of Khazad-dûm. So, what’s in the box?

Mithril is the valuable and powerful metal that the Dwarves prize most. To be added The Fellowship of the RingFordo inherits his uncle Bilbo’s mithril chainmail. He saves his life with this special chainmail.

Are you sure Halbrand is evil?

Charlie Vickers in Halbrand The Rings of Power

Matt Grace—Prime Video

The showrunners and actor Charlie Vickers were rather elusive when I asked them about Halbrand’s background. Vickers said that he had thought about what it was like not to have been loved in order to become a character. That suggests Halbrand has a rather grim backstory—and perhaps a grim future?

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Speculation is running rampant online as to Halbrand’s identity. Considering he is never mentioned in Tolkien’s writings, his arbitrary inclusion on Galadriel’s journey seems rather random. According to the prevailing theories, Halbrand may be Sauron or an ogre of Sauron.

Sauron, where are you?

Bridie Sisson in The Rings of Power

Prime Video

Sauron may be lurking somewhere. Tolkien wrote that the villain disguised himself in a “fair” form and called himself Annatar to trick the elves. So, basically, we’re looking out for someone attractive—a hard ask in a show full of veryattractive people.

The Comic-Con Trailer The Rings of PowerDropped in July, fans speculated that Annatar/Sauron might have been a blonde character sporting a short-cropped haircut. The internet dubbed the character “Slim Shady Sauron” because of the haircut.

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TIME was exclusively told by Lindsey Weber that an unnamed character played by Bridie, not Anson Boon. While she didn’t reveal the character’s name, Weber did say she hailed from Rhûn, an eastern territory where Sauron likes to hang out.

In all likelihood, this is one of Sauron’s servants, not Sauron himself, because she looks too obviously evil. I believe Sauron will appear as a nice guy. We will have to wait and see which good guy he is.

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