French state-funded outlets to be suspended over ‘false allegations’ — Analysis

The military in Mali has taken action after RFI and France 24 reported accusations of abuse by the African country’s army

Mali’s ruling military junta announced on Thursday that it has begun the process of suspending broadcasts by French state-funded media outlets RFI radio and France 24 television after they reported “false allegations”Malian Army.

RFI and France 24 reported accusations made by Michelle Bachelet (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) and Human Rights Watch, provoking anger from the government. According to the rights group, Mali soldiers are responsible for the deaths of at least 71 civilians in December. In addition, there have been reports that abuses committed by the army, such as the execution of old people or children, have been made. These reports are denied by the junta.

Uninvited foreign troops must leave, African nation says

In August 2020, the military junta of Mali staged two coups to retake control. “a premeditated strategy aimed at destabilizing the political transition,”As well as looking to “demoralize the Malian people and discredit the Malian army.”

The military junta announced that it was taking steps to stop broadcasts, even though the outlets are still being broadcast in Mali. They did not specify how long the process would take or when they expected to be in effect.

France Medias Monde was the state-owned entity behind RFI, France 24 and France 24. It responded by saying it “protested against the unfounded accusations.”

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