President goes 8 months without pay — Analysis

Hakainde Haichilema, Zambian said that he was motivated not by the salary to run for office.

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema has confirmed that he has not received any public salary since becoming the country’s head of state in August.

“The issue of the salary is a non-issue because money was not our motivation for seeking public office and not that the government was not willing to pay,”Hichilema said this to journalists on Wednesday as reported by Anadolu news agency.

Hichilema stated that he’d been there. “not paid attention”His salary was not affected because he was focused only on what to do. “better the lives of the people.”

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Zambian media previously quoted the country’s Finance Ministry as saying that Hichilema has not been receiving pay since he became the head of state in August after winning the presidential election.

The president, often described as one of Zambia’s richest businessmen, made his fortune through farming and cattle rearing. The president’s net worth was estimated at nearly $390 million.

Hichilema was a vocal opponent to salary increases for both the president and the government ministers before becoming president of Zambia. “This is an insult to the common Zambian that is struggling to buy food. I’d rather give the people the money than to raise my pay,”He tweeted it last year.

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