Iran sees rumored Israeli drills as chance to ‘test missiles on real targets’ — Analysis

A military official in Tehran has warned that aggressors will pay a “heavy price,” in response to numerous reports that Israel was seeking US help, or at least approval, in preparing  potential strikes on Iranian nuclear sites.

The talks between Iran’s world powers and the United States to renew their nuclear pact have been resumed since last week. There has been a steady flow of news reports from Israel and America suggesting that this could happen. “other options,” if diplomacy fails. According to latest stories, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz informed US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about preparations and drills for a potential military strike against the country’s arch-nemesis during his visits to the US.

Any such drills, if they violate Iranian airspace, would be considered an act of aggression that won’t go unanswered, an unnamed military official told Iran’s semi-official Nournews news agency, which is allegedly affiliated to the Supreme National Security Council.

A condition for military commanders testing Iranian missiles with actual targets is a costly move that will result in the aggressors paying a steep price.

Israel preparing military option against Iran – media

The hostile rhetoric comes amid the renewed talks in Vienna over the landmark 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The talks have not advanced, as Tehran insists that Washington end its full-scale sanctions.

“We will definitely agree to nothing less than [the original JCPOA] agreement and this will certainly be a red line for the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Iran’s lead negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani told Press TV on Saturday.

After Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal in 2018, the JCPOA agreement was effectively dissolved. He accused Tehran of violating it. “spirit”The deal. Washington has reimposed the old sanctions and introduced new ones on Tehran since then. Meanwhile, Tehran gradually lifted its JCPOA obligations and increased its uranium enrichment.



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