French fashion giant accused of being pro-war — Analysis

The lightning motif used in Louis Vuitton jewelry has been perceived as an expression of support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house is getting a lot of criticism for their new jewelry line. The LV Volt, which was unveiled on Tuesday, was said to be an expression of support for Russia’s attack against Ukraine by symbol-conscious critics.

This collection was criticized for its use of the common symbol of electricity, a lightning bolt, in its motif. Commenters reacting en masse with ‘vomit’ emojis on the brand’s Instagram page apparently believe it to be too similar to the letter ‘Z’.

The Russian military has used the letter ‘Z’ to mark combat vehicles used in the offensive against Kiev. Ukraine supporters argue that the now-tarnished letter of the English alphabet should not be treated any differently than the Nazi swastika.

Letter ‘Z’ on Elle Russia’s front page draws hate

The letter was used in Russia by certain people to support the government, despite Western sanctions being imposed against the country as a retaliation for its military offensive.

It’s hard to believe that Louis Vuitton secretly supports the Russian operation. Like dozens of other luxury brands, it has suspended sales of its goods in Russia, shutting down over 100 outlets earlier this month – and presumably, the development of the LV Volt collection required much more than a month.

Elle Russia, which ran headlines on Gen Z in its March issue, was also accused of pro-war this week.

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