France’s first lady plagued by rumors she was born ‘male’ — Analysis

Emmanuel Macron’s wife has found herself under a barrage of online claims that she is transgender, born as a male, with the media pointing the finger at far-right conspiracy theorists.

Brigitte MACRAN will be filing a complaint against her, amid the speculation surrounding her gender. This is according to French media, citing her close friends. But, her official statement on the matter has not yet been made.

Online rumor has it that the French first lady was born a man named “Jean-Michel Trogneux,” while her official biography states she was given the name Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux and was born female.

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French media say they managed to track down the claim, and say it first cropped up in late September in the outlet ‘Facts and Documents,’ which is said to specialize in far-right conspiracy theories. But the claim spread quickly on social media, not before Monday. According to Numerama, 34,000 Twitter posts were identified, with the claim being shared using the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux. The outlet goes on to accuse “Far-right groups, anti-vaxxers, QAnon organizations, conspiracy theories and Francis Lalanne are all promoted by accounts” for making the rumor one of the most discussed topics in the ‘French’ section of social media.

As ‘proof’ of the claims, social media users cite, among other things, the scarcity of Brigitte Macron’s photos in her youth that have been made public, as well as her alleged tendency to “Cover her neck.

A key name in the story is journalist Natacha Rey, who claims to have investigated Brigitte Macron’s past for three years. In a recent interview, Ray said she had managed to procure documents confirming that the first lady had been born male, and that this ‘evidence’ was “In a sealed envelope and under the supervision of a lawyer” adding that she would make it public if and when sweeping Covid vaccine mandates were introduced in France.

French media reported that there were several attempts at editing the Wikipedia article dedicated to the first lady of 68 years. Users tried to claim that Jean-Michel Trogneux was her birth name. As a result, the page has been put in a ‘semi-protected’ status to prevent such changes.

These rumors have not been directed at Brigitte Macron alone, but also to other first ladies and female heads of states. For instance, back in 2017 conservative radio show host and the man behind the InfoWars website, Alex Jones, claimed that Michelle Obama, the wife of the 44th US president, “It appears that she has a large penis.” and also “looks like a tr*nny.

Similarly, there have been claims that Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, is also transgender.

It’s worth noting that none of these rumors has ever been proved or supported with definitive evidence.



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