Eric Rivera and Gurmukh Oberoi Launch Bithmic Amidst Growing Fluidity of Investment

Startup company Bithmic is changing the game when it comes to non-traditional investment opportunities. Within the cryptocurrency space, the company is taking its forward-thinking innovation and developing an educational platform that can be used by anyone who wants to invest in ways that might be outside the box. As a new platform for knowledge, people looking for information on alternative digital assets for investment can learn what they need to know from Bithmic.

The company’s goal, according to CEO Eric Rivera, is to be a leader in the new space of alternative digital asset classes. As the company works to become the “translator of new culture,” it has the opportunity to develop something unique to alternative investing. Younger people are getting involved in these types of unique investments, instead of (or along with) more traditional options. But older people are also interested in the money-making opportunities of alternative investments, as well. So, why Bithmic? Here’s why.

The Brains Behind Bithmic

Eric Rivera is the founder and CEO of Bithmic. Rivera did his undergrad work at Georgia Institute of Technology and is the former CEO of Independent Film Exchange Holdings, Inc., as well as the former VP at AFG Financial Group. He has also worked as President of 21st Century Capital, and been an Executive Director at Lehman Brothers. People who know him often refer to him as a visionary. Rivera has the unique ability to see beyond the norm and create something that didn’t exist before.

He’s artistic and focused, and has a special interest in fields such as logic and set theory. He is also interested in many mathematical fields. Most notably, these include areas such as category theory, abstract algebra, number theory, analysis, and geometry. Rivera is taking his vision to new heights with Bithmic, and drawing on his knowledge of topology, dynamical systems, and game theory to help others see the value of investing in unique ways that can bring them the highest level of results.

With a focus on information theory and numerical analysis, Eric Rivera sees the value of optimization through computation, probability, and statistics. What does that mean for investors who get involved with Bithmic? It means they have the opportunity to learn more than they may have thought possible, about how to create and develop an investment strategy that’s going to give them what they need and are looking for. Long-term investment value is a big focus of Rivera’s goals for investors who come to Bithmic.

The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the company, Gurmukh Oberoi, graduated from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Before coming to work with Rivera, he worked at renowned investment banks such as Citi Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Houlihan Lokey. He is currently heading the company’s Los Angeles office. Both he and Rivera understand the changing nature of investment and the value that their startup company may bring to investors who want to explore other options.

The Fluid Nature of Investment

Gurmukh Oberoi understands that investment is always changing. That’s why he developed this new startup. It’s currently an advisory firm and is working its way through the process of becoming a hedge fund. Right now, the company works with its own money and with private clients. The goal is to help those clients understand cryptocurrency. This digital asset class has been around for a few years now, but it remains a mystery to a lot of people. With this new company, the goal is to change all that.

There’s much to discuss in the area of alternative investing, even though many people are still not sure how to handle these types of investments, or whether they should become involved with them, at all. The digital class of investments, though, has enough stability that people can focus on them without significant worry. Right now, there are more than 12,000 different cryptocurrencies in the world. They’re developing rapidly, and quickly becoming another way for people to invest in the kinds of things that matter.

With approximately 420 global exchanges for these currencies, there are many scenarios to consider and a lot of different projects taking place. There are even crypto IRAs, where clients are investing for their retirement. Just a few years ago, something like this would have been unheard of. Now that crypto is becoming more popular and people are looking for new ways to invest, choosing alternative investment vehicles is a more common occurrence. Still, knowing what to choose is often the biggest hurdle.

That’s where companies like Bithmic come in. They take more of the guesswork out of investment in alternative options because they provided more education for people who want to invest in these ways. Instead of choosing a traditional option that they understand, versus a nontraditional option that’s confusing to them, investors can get the information they need to feel confident about either option. Then they can divide up their savings, or simply choose the option they like the best for their future.

Among the most unique areas of fluidity for investment, is who is doing the investing. While the assumption might be that the company would be targeting younger investors who are getting into the market, they’re actually looking to target people in their 50s and 60s, who are closer to retirement age. These are people who have likely saved some money for retirement already. They have some traditional investments, but they may be concerned that they’re not investing as much as they could.

They may also be worried that they don’t have the level of return on their investments that they would like to see. Because of that, they’re open to other alternatives for investment. The biggest hurdle for these people is that they don’t know what’s safe and what’s not, when it comes to alternative types of investments. Learning that information can help them make wise choices with their money in their retirement years. That’s where Eric Rivera’s company comes in, and how it can help.

Investing in the Future of Investors

By developing a company that is the best advisor for alternative investments, and also the best hedge fund for these kinds of investments, Rivera and Oberoi are creating something that has a lot of value for investors of all ages. For those who are comfortable with areas like cryptocurrency, and know what they want, to those who aren’t familiar with these kinds of investments, and don’t know if they would be the right choice, there will be options for information. The more knowledge someone has, the better choices they make.

With a company that’s an advisory, but also an educational platform, there’s an opportunity for an investment in the investors themselves. In other words, the company helps encourage investment through the education of people who want to invest. Then, those people invest through the company, which also helps the company make money. It’s a winning proposition for everyone involved and one that Bithmic’s Eric Rivera takes very seriously. He knows that people’s livelihoods are at stake when they invest.

Through one-on-one sessions with private clientele, the company will be able to teach people more about how to invest, as well as when to invest, and what options will be the best for their needs. Not everyone needs the same kind of investment strategy. It comes down to the people themselves, their ages, how much they can afford, how soon they want to retire, and other factors. But it can be easy to invest in them, and give them the right tools, so they can choose what they need for their future financial goals.

Now that Rivera and Oberoi are launching their company and moving it forward, they’re seeing all the details that investors are curious about. They see how each investor looks at things differently and has different questions. They see the ways these investors shy away from crypto, often because they don’t have the information they need to move forward with it. But when they learn more, they’re also more likely to put their money into cryptocurrencies that they feel good about.

In time, that leads these investors to branch out into other options and can empower them to continue to grow their portfolios. Eventually, these alternative currency options will likely be much more popular than they are right now. But it’s through the work of people like Rivera that investors will learn what they need to know about making wise alternative investment choices.

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