Five Activities One Can Do With One’s Children During COVID

Not everyone enjoys staying at home (especially during a global pandemic). Some kids end up feeling very restless very fast. That is why one has to come up with some fun activities one can do with one’s kids during this time. Keep in mind, these activities can also serve as a therapeutic tool. Benjamin Harow enjoys keeping his kids happy and active during the quarantine. 

No one is going to come out of this pandemic unchanged ( in some way). That is why one needs to find a healthy combination of fun and therapy to keep one’s children entertained during this time.

1) There is a medical matching game one can try. This is especially cool for those who need the children to the doctor regularly.

This game is for children three years and older. One might have kids who see certain medical tools and become intimidated by those tools. This is is a great way for one to open the discussion with children and help those children get familiar with the medical equipment being seen.

It is basically an interactive game for children. It is a good way for all children to get familiar with medical equipment, but even more perfect for children who have to go into the hospital.

One can find the instructions for doing this game online.

2) There is something called emoji clay. This is a great tool for one to introduce sensory outlets for children. The emoji clay will allow one’s children to detail one’s feelings in a variety of ways. The clay allows one to process one’s emotions promptly. This also allows one to recover from one’s experiences much faster than others might.

One will need clay and food dye to help get started. One can also download the instructions easily by going online.

3) There is bandaid butterfly art. This one is for children four years and older. This combines learning about hospital equipment and processing feelings associated with one’s experience. This activity will also allow one to help reduce the fear of the unknown with one’s children. Once a child has knows what to expect, one’s fear is taken away.

4) There is worry monster art. This activity is for one’s children who are five and up. This activity will allow one’s children to practice deep breathing. One can also discuss worry and stress with one’s children. This allows one’s children to speak freely and address concerns that might be rising.

This fun activity allows one’s children to reduce the stress in a pleasurable way.

5) The last one to discuss is the mindful scavenger hunt. This activity is for children 5 years and older. This activity is a great way to teach one’s children about control. It helps one’s children recognize what can be controlled versus what can not.

In a world filled with regular stress and anxiety, one can only control one’s thoughts and actions. One cannot control others. This game helps children learn this. Benjamin Harow recommends looking up things online and purchasing toys on Amazon. 


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