8 Warning Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Vehicle

If you have friends who are getting new cars, then you might want to follow their example. However, if you have a car that you’re not too happy with, then maybe it’s time to get out of it. Since the value of your vehicle will gradually drop as long as you drive it, it’s important to consider if it should be kept or sold now. Aside from just wanting a new car, below are some signs you might need to get a new one.

1. Check Engine Light Always On

Your check engine light is an important component of your car. It can alert you if something is happening that could affect your vehicle’s safety. When you notice it coming on more and more, it could signify you have multiple issues with your vehicle. Trading in your car might be a better idea than spending thousands to fix recurrent problems.

2. Your Inspections Are Failing

To legally drive a car, you need to have a valid inspection sticker. If you have trouble passing your inspections each year, it might be time to get a newer vehicle for safety reasons.

3. Your Car Gets Bad Gas Mileage

Older cars are not as fuel-efficient as newer ones. This means you might end up paying more for gas than you expected. If you drive a lot for work or fun, you might want a car with better gas mileage. The money you pay out of pocket to upgrade will get recouped in gas savings.

4. Your Car Breaks Down Often

If you worry every time you go out that your car could break down, is it still worth driving? It could be a lifesaver if you decide to get a new car. You don’t want to run the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere or during inclement weather.

5. Rust is Forming

Even though it’s not rare for old cars to rust, it can still cause issues if the floor gets damaged during an accident. It can also affect the value of your vehicle. Rust can lead to your vehicle not being safe to drive, and it can ruin your resale value.

6. Your Odometer is Over 100,000

Your vehicle’s odometer is a great indicator of how well it has been maintained, especially when it starts to read six digits long. However, it also tells you that it may be time to trade it in before it starts having issues.

7. Lack of Safety Issues

Aside from having the necessary features, such as remote start and Bluetooth, other safety features can be added to a vehicle. A great feature many new vehicles have is a backup camera. This allows to you safely pull out of parking spaces and driveways with ease.

8. You Went Through a Lifestyle Change

Maybe you’ve started a new job and need to take more fuel-efficient routes back and forth. Or, maybe you have added a new family member since your last vehicle purchase and need more seating. If you have kids that play sports, you might need a van or SUV with room for their equipment.

While all of these are warning signs you need a new car, you may just envy a newly released model and make. Car envy is a real thing, as new models are released each year. As a result, when you see a new car, you might start thinking that this is the one you want. If you can afford it, you should get what you want.



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