Using Each Bathroom Space Just the Right Way

A bathroom happens to be the smallest area of a house compared to others. Whether it is spacious or not, you visit it multiple times a day for various tasks. The frequency of use and the nature of the routine can serve as a constant reminder of its pint-size. At times, you may wish if you knew a few tricks to make it larger by optimizing every single inch. Is this what you desire? Luckily, there are useful ways to expand the utility of this area without much hassle. Let’s get into them quickly.

Monochrome theme

A combination of color and natural light can illuminate your space in a way that it feels larger. Going with one color doesn’t imply you can’t use its variations. A bathroom with different tints of one color can achieve the interior goal. For this, it is better to trust neutral and soft tones, such as white. When you use white, you have to maintain its cleanliness.

Small features

You get numerous size options in sinks, toilets, shower/enclosures, and bathtubs. If you don’t believe it, check branded stores to browse different options. You will get your answer. So, when there isn’t enough space in the bathroom, you can switch to a few smaller models to get some room. 

Adjustable lighting

Many people fix only overhead lights in their bathroom to finish their tasks and leave. It can feel too task-oriented. If you want to maximize the impact, get a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting effect. You can keep it bright in the morning to get ready and rush for your office and dim in the evening to spend a few minutes of relaxation in the tub or shower. Suddenly your bathroom will gain a higher status than just being utility-driven.

Additional storage 

Not many realize that a bathroom tends to have plenty of empty vertical spaces. If you don’t trust it, check the area above your bathroom doorway. Isn’t it vacant? Of course, there have to be high ceilings for this. You can use the clearance to install shelving, leaving a few inches as required by interior standards. The shelves can store toilet paper, cleaners, bath salts, and other items. When some things go there, you get extra storage space below that is handy and accessible. 

Glass enclosure

It has been a common practice to incorporate shower curtains in the bath area. While it has a purpose, shower curtains can cripple the overall vibe of spaciousness by segregating the shower area from the rest. Hence, it’s time to ditch them and opt for glass enclosures. Don’t worry about privacy when you can get frosted glass panes. This kind of arrangement would not disturb the visual appeal.

Modern fixtures

The whole idea of exploring these suggestions is that even your small bathroom can look bigger. Timely bathroom updates can increase the resale value of your home. So, it is always better to play with the fixtures a bit. You can replace them without spending too much from your pocket and make your bathroom fresh and energetic. Do you know even some fittings can downplay its size? For example, you can turn your gaze to an old oversized sink. It must have eaten into a lot of space. You don’t have to prove your loyalty towards it anymore. Consider a vessel design in the bathroom instead. The compact size and modern range can add an effortless luxurious touch to your small bathroom.

Window treatments

Bathroom windows can also come in handy in creating a sense of ample space. If you didn’t know, you could use this feature in a way to allow the curious eyes to wander outside the available area. To make its presence stronger, you can take advantage of valances and cornices. These decorations will draw everyone’s attention towards the upper side, due to which your bathroom may immediately feel slightly roomy. However, make sure you don’t include too heavy and dark materials. It can be harmful to the tasteful visual appearance.

Door swings

Where does your bathroom door open – inside or outside? If it swings out, it is okay. Otherwise, consider changing its position. If this is also not possible, you can switch to a sliding door design. It will not occupy unnecessary space.

Recessed accessories

You can build niches in the bathroom walls for storage and decorations. It would have a powerful visual presence. Plus, the floor will get some relief too. The same thing you can do with showers and bathtubs. During renovations, you can ask the people to make niches in the shower wall and complete their look with custom tiles. You can keep a few accessories there.

Wall mirrors

Adding medicine cabinets may not be a good idea in a small bathroom. You can instead bring a wall mirror. Since it reflects space, your bathroom can feel bigger when someone looks at the mirror. Like a few householders, you may also want to have a medicine cabinet. In that case, it is better to stick to a low-profile model. Something that doesn’t extend too much should be okay to use. 


Vaulted ceilings are well-known for adding volume and depth to any space. If your bathroom has this feature, you should not let it go waste. Highlight this architectural detail with lighting. If it is a low ceiling, you can choose a color that makes it look higher. For example, you can paint it with light blue and subtle cloudy hints to create a sense of an open sky. If you achieve this, your bathroom would appear both serene and spacious. 

Small bathrooms can be easy to design if you don’t see them as a challenge. And there is nothing to worry about when you know your options well. Explore and implement any of the design ideas hesitation-free to deck up your corner in your style. You don’t have to change everything at a time. You can gradually transition from one element to the other to eventually reach your goal.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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