Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is the frozen treat enjoyed by children, adults, and everyone in between, including Diego Ruiz Duran. Nothing conjures up images of a warm summer day more than a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone. The sweet classic is a basic enough combination of milk, sugar, eggs, and flavorings. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when ice cream was invented or who made it first. It has taken on many variations throughout history but continues to be a worldwide favorite. The flavor possibilities are endless, so it may be surprising to learn that some of the top ten favorite flavors are the classics.

For many years, classic vanilla has maintained the title of the world’s favorite flavor. It goes well with pretty much everything and has a straightforward flavor that can be enjoyed on its own. Chocolate comes in a close second as a crowd favorite. It can be rich and decadent or light with a fudge swirl. Chocolate ice cream can be enjoyed as a milkshake, a sundae, or by itself. Cookies and cream have emerged to be enjoyed by all. It is the perfect combination of two sweet treats; ice cream and cookies. Another enjoyable twist on the ice cream and cookie combination is chocolate chip cookie dough. The cookie dough does not contain raw eggs, so it is safe to consume and the dough does not get soggy as baked cookies could. 

Cookie dough ice cream also happens to be Diego Ruiz Duran, the defense attorney’s favorite ice cream flavor. Duran has the right idea in this ice cream and cookie combination that cannot be beaten. One of the most unlikely popular flavors is that of mint chocolate chip. It seems odd to combine something with the mintiness of chewing gum and the sweetness of chocolate chips, but the flavors offer balance to each other. The mint ice cream is light and refreshing and the chocolate chips add just the right amount of richness. Butter pecan is a favorite that conjures images of southern hospitality and taking time to enjoy the little things. The decadent butter flavor contrasts perfectly with the lightly salted, crunchy pecan pieces. Birthday cake ice cream offers the flavor without the work of baking a cake. The sprinkles and flavors of cake with icing make it a hit on any day. Not to be forgotten as one of the world’s favorite flavors is strawberry. Just like its classic counterparts vanilla and chocolate, strawberry is a refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or makes the perfect scoop in a banana split. Moose tracks and rocky roads have been debated over as making into the top ten favorite flavors. Both are undeniably delicious. For some, the flavors have too much going on, but everything blends together so wonderfully. Moose tracks usually have chunks of fudge and peanut butter cups with a vanilla base. Rocky road is traditionally a chocolate base with nuts and either marshmallows or marshmallow fluff.


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