Best Ways to Enjoy Music with Friends When They Are Far Away

Listening to music together with friends is not only one of the best social activities but also a way to add more flavor to your social gatherings online. You can discuss about the lyrics or give out your critical opinion about the song or the artist and even the music video. But what happens if your friends or family are too far from you or there is a pandemic like COVID-19 and you couldn’t go outside and enjoy any outdoor activity with your friends?

This is where different apps and websites kick in and make socializing and listening to music with your friends and family becomes a possibility. Many of these apps help you get access to popular music streaming services including Apple Music or Spotify Premium and are free to use. You can get these apps using Spectrum Internet which you can easily get installed at your home by dialing Spectrum telefono. You will get in touch with a representative from Spectrum who is going to get you through the service ordering process. Let’s have a look at different apps that will help you connect to your loved ones or a music lover with whom you can share your favorite music.


This is a good option for people who want to listen to music with their friends who live near you since you can only get it functional for up to 100 feet. If you ask me, it is best to create a party soundtrack because OutLoud lets you play music from a single device but you can use it to share your music with your neighbor. You can take some time to set up your playlist and ask one of your friends to add the tracks from their device using Apple Music, Spotify or SoundCloud. You can then have a block party by putting your speakers on your window and enjoy. You can also vote for the tracks as well. The track with the highest votes will be played next so that everybody gets to enjoy it at the same time.


This is one of the most unique applications that is designed to help you listen to music with your friends at the same time. Odesli is a web-based service that makes sharing of the song across different platforms too easy. You might also find different musicians who are willing to share their best music pieces with fans. The app creates a page for all songs with links to the different available songs on platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and many other platforms. You can find different shareable tracks by typing the song name in the search bar and send the link to your friends so that they can listen to music at the same time. This is possible even if both of you are listening to your favorite music on different platforms.


This is a platform for iOS users which lets you listen to celebrities and sports stars. This means that I might stream some selective songs with my parents, my wife who travels a lot and can easily get bored. If you are an athlete you can listen to some popular songs and get them on your playlist. The good thing about EarBuds is that the platform is not only useful for athletes it is also good for people who are traveling and want to listen to music as well.


Apart from listening to your music with your friends, the platform helps you start your own public channel. For instance, you can get your own radio station so that people who are beyond your social circle can also listen to your music no matter where they are in the world. If you are not sure what you want to listen to, you can visit the home screen and listen to some trending live sessions by other users. Also, you can find some amazing ways to browse through different music numbers and get qualified as a DJ. To use Vertigo you have to get a music streaming subscription and download the app. You can sync with Spotify Premium or Apple Music and start a listening party to stream your favorite songs with your friends.


If you and your friends use different devices, JQBX becomes one of the best ways to listen to music together no matter you are using your Android devices, iPhones, PC or Mac. JQBX is pronounced as Jukebox is a multi-platform service that is available for Android, iOS and macOS and even if you like to use the website as well. When you sign in to JQBX, you can create a private listening room and to more fun you can add your friends so that they can join you as well. You can also join the JQBX community and conduct a global song-sharing session. The only problem with using JQBX is that you everyone should get a Spotify premium subscription to use JQBX.

Final Words

Streaming your favorite songs and enjoying it with your favorite people sounds fun right? Technology has made things amazingly easy and convenient. People who are still practicing social distancing can benefit from these platforms and apps and still have a great time together.

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