Fake police station busted after operating for months — Analysis

In India, a gang ran a precinct that was located in a hotel. They extorted hundreds of dollars from people.

According to the Bihar state police, a gang was running a fake station and police in Banka, India. Officials claim that the scammers extorted money from hundreds of victims over the eight-month-long period.

According to the real Banka police chief Shambhu Yadav, the fraudsters set up shop inside a hotel just 500 meters away from the city’s actual police station. They wore authentic looking uniforms and carried real guns to deceive everyone.

Officials claim that the scammers used locals to charge them for going into the fake station and filing cases. The group also demanded money from those who promised them to secure housing and a position in the police department. The group reportedly demanded payments of up to 70,000 rupees, equivalent to about $900, for “processing fees.”

According to reports, the fraudsters paid 500 rupees per day ($6) each for the privilege of acting as employees at the station. Yadav discovered that the one impersonator was using a firearm that wasn’t a regular issue weapon. The scam collapsed.

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Local media reports that five of the gang’s members were detained following a raid by police on the station. The gang’s leader remains at large. Yadav stated that an investigation is ongoing. He said that more information will be released in the near future.

Although there are many instances of fake Indian police officers, this was the first instance where someone managed to operate a fake station.

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