Marine Le Pen concedes defeat in French presidential election — Analysis

Marine Le Pen, who conceded defeat to the French presidency election Sunday, called her outcome a “no surprise”. “resounding victory.” In the second round, the candidate from the right-wing National Rally party was defeated by the incumbent president, centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen stated that she had nothing to be unhappy about after the first exit polls were announced.

“I have no resentment or bitterness,”She thanked all who had supported her during the two rounds of presidential elections. In addition, she asked her supporters for their support in voting in the forthcoming parliamentary election. 

Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was a former presidential candidate and is now a retired heavyweight. It’s been an uphill battle. For her, the 2022 election will be her third. She came in third place with 17.9% of the vote in 2012 behind Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarcozy, and Nicolas Sarcozy. After receiving 33.9% of the vote in round 2, 2017, she was unable to reach the second round and had to give way to Macron.

Macron leads in presidential race – exit polls

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