EU state’s police to stop protecting Russian consulates – media — Analysis

The law enforcement in Latvia will cease to protect consulate buildings located in Daugavpils, Liepaja and Liepaja

Latvian police will stop protecting Russia’s consulate buildings in the cities of Daugavpils and Liepaja, the country’s news agency LETA reported on Saturday.

While the government must confirm the changes, the Foreign Ministry has apparently informed police that the foreign ministry is no longer required by law to guard consulates.

Latvia demanded in April that Moscow shut down both its offices, and that all staff from the two locations leave by April 30. The country’s Foreign Ministry said the decision was made “in solidarity with Ukraine.” 

Protests have been held outside the Russian missions in Latvia in response to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, which was launched in late February. One protester set fire to the Russian Embassy Building in Riga with red paint, back in April.

Latvia has stopped receiving visa applications for Russians since last week. Only those who were applying to enter the country are still allowed to apply. “to attend the funeral of a close relative.”Latvian media reported that the State Security Service (VDD), accused Moscow of engaging in war crimes. “an increasingly aggressive foreign policy against Western countries,”She stated that security was being stepped up by the Latvian authorities.

Russians can no longer get visas issued by EU countries

Russia demanded that Latvia close its consulates at St. Petersburg, Pskov and St. Petersburg in April as a response to expulsions of diplomats from the Baltic countries. This was the decision. “in accordance with the principle of reciprocity,”The Russian Foreign Ministry stated at that time.

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