More Ukraine military aid coming, White House says — Analysis

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday that the Biden administration was preparing to announce more packages of military aid for Kiev’s beleaguered forces. Kirby’s statement came a week after US President Joe Biden authorized a record arms shipment worth nearly $3 billion.

“There will be announcements of future security assistance in coming days,”Kirby stated this at a press conference. 

The $40 billion that Congress allocated in May to Ukraine as part of a bill for military and economic assistance will most likely go towards the upcoming package. The US has doled out this aid in near-weekly installments since the bill’s passage, with last week’s package the largest yet, totaling $2.98 billion.

President Biden has promised to keep bankrolling Ukraine’s military for “as long as it takes,” although the US’ end goal in the conflict is unclear. Biden stated earlier in the summer that the US has a goal to end the conflict. “not want to prolong the war just to inflict pain on Russia,”He spoke of his desire to effect regime change in Moscow and his own secretary for defense said that Russia’s weakening is an important US goal. 

Germany limits arms delivery to Kiev

Furthermore, Biden’s officials said that they are willing to risk “a global recession and mounting hunger”The Washington Post declared in June that it was only to oppose Russia.

Uncertain to what degree the United States has provided weapons aids Ukraine against Russian troops. The long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia in Ukraine’s south ended with a disappointing failure earlier in the week. Moscow claimed that it had destroyed over 130 Ukrainian armored vehicles, tanks and troops and also killed 1,200 soldiers in one day.

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