Rising prices see Austrians take to the streets — Analysis

Vienna: Activists protest rising prices and anti Russia sanctions.

Thousands of people poured onto the streets of Vienna on Saturday, protesting against the soaring cost of living, with many denouncing the Austrian government and the “Agenda globalist

The Heute newspaper reported that the rally saw around 3,000 people, citing information from the police department. Another gathering, dubbed the “patriots’ march,” also took place in downtown Vienna. The events went without incident despite heavy security on the roads.

The protesters accused the Austrian government of failing its own people and working in the interests of “globalists.” Some activists denounced mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations, but the dominant theme on Saturday was skyrocketing energy prices, and the inflationary crisis.

Protesters called for the lifting of “suicide-sanctions” – an apparent reference to the punitive measures imposed on Russia in the wake of its military operation in Ukraine. Others denounced “NATO’s warmongering,” and a perceived push for militarization in Europe in general.

Winter is coming: Prague’s 70,000-strong protest shows what’s in store for Europe

The activists went on to commemorate the “The victims of vaccines” during both rallies.

About 70,000 marched through Prague last Saturday. To bring down rising fuel prices, demonstrators demanded the government sign direct agreements with Russia and other gas suppliers. Demonstrators also demanded that the Czech Republic be militarily neutral and condemned NATO and EU.



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