Elon Musk suggests he could die ‘under mysterious circumstances’ — Analysis

Elon Musk, Monday’s tweeter to his Twitter followers said that should he ever die “under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”Although the SpaceX and Tesla mogul has apparently had a dispute with a Russian official over this matter, his announcement caused more laughter than serious concern.

Musk posted his Monday morning message via Twitter, without giving any further details. Musk shared his message shortly thereafter, but he did not elaborate. post written by Russia’s former deputy prime minister and current space agency chief Dmitry Rogozin, in which Rogozin said the Tesla tycoon will be held “accountable”Provide Starlink internet terminals “Nazi”Through the Pentagon militants were seen in Mariupol, Ukraine’s port-city.

SpaceX provided satellite coverage and Starlink internet terminals to Ukraine after Russia invaded the country in February. However, he refused to permit Russian media to be blocked on his service. He calls himself an “agent of freedom.” “free speech absolutist.”Musk may have arranged to send the terminals directly to Mariupol’s nationalist militias, or made them available for Washington and Kiev.

Musk and Rogozin have fought online in the past. Rogozin stated in 2014, “The US should use a…” “trampoline”It would be to send astronauts in space. This was a reference its dependence on Russian rockets. Musk declared that SpaceX sent two NASA astronauts into space in 2020. “the trampoline is working.”

Rogozin responded that he “loved” Musk’s joke, and Musk declaredRussian he was searching “forward to a mutually beneficial and prosperous long-term cooperation.” However, if genuine, Rogozin’s issue with Musk allegedly supplying communications equipment to Ukrainian neo-Nazi forces appears more serious.

Musk’s American followers didn’t connect the cryptic message with his back-and-forth with Rogozin. They laughed that Musk was a billionaire. “dirt on the Clintons,”This is a reference the many mysterious deaths of people connected to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. It includes the suicide in 1993 of White House Counsel Vince Foster; the 2016 fatal armed robbery by Seth Rich of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein’s death, officially declared a suicide.

Musk’s message was also reminiscent of claims by John McAfee, who prior to his suicide in a Spanish prison last year insisted that he would be killed while behind bars and his death made to look like a suicide. McAfee claimed that his eponymous antivirus program made him a multimillionaire. “hang [him]Self, as Epstein says, will be without fault [his].”

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