Vaccination with DIY jab thwarted by police — Analysis

German police have shut down an illegal vaccination point at an airport in the northern town of Lübeck, saying that people who have attended it may have been injected with an unauthorized jab against Covid-19.

Police said that one of the buildings at the Baltic Sea city of around 217,000 was being used as an improvised vaccine center.

Officers arrived on the scene Saturday to find a huge crowd eager for a shot. According to officers, there was approximately 150 people at the check-in and 80 more waiting outside.

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Police shut down the vaccination station because they suspected that an unauthorized jab had been used. This is a crime under the German Medicinal Products Act. The police did not arrive to find that 50 individuals had received a fake jab.

Although no arrests were made by the officers, they collected vaccine samples and documents, as well as syringes. They also recorded the names of all present. The law enforcement indicated that further information will be available in the coming weeks.

Lübeck Airport is owned by controversial businessman, inventor and physician, Winfried Stöcker.

Stöcker, who founded Germany’s leading laboratory diagnostics company Euroimmun, had been making headlines during the pandemic due to claims that he’d developed his own vaccine against coronavirus.

The entrepreneur told Spiegel earlier this year that his jab had an efficacy of 97% and didn’t show any significant side effects. This vaccine uses the proven-effective and well-researched vaccine. “recombinant antigen that can be produced easily and cheaply in a test tube,”He insisted that this would enable everyone to be vaccinated faster in Germany.

Stöcker had received three shots of his own vaccine in March, saying afterwards that he developed antibodies. It was also used to inject around 100 patients, leading him to criminal charges. “unauthorized administration of an unauthorized vaccine” being launched against him.

German regulators and medics were shocked that people had been getting shots of Stöcker’s product, which hadn’t undergone the required testing and clinical trials and had never received approval from the authorities.

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