Damascus accuses Israel of launching missile strikes at three targets in south of Syria, threatens military response — RT World News

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, three Israeli Defense Forces missile attacks were conducted on the southern part of Syria near the border.

On Monday, the ministry condemned Israel for firing missile strikes in three locations around the al-Baath settlement.

“The Israeli forces this morning showed another aggression in the southern region. This is taking place as part of a series of aggressions against Syria’s sovereignty,”A Syrian Foreign Ministry official stated the claim.

The country’s state media also accused Tel Aviv of dropping propaganda leaflets in the region.

It was very clear from the Syrian government that the country has the legal right to defend itself militarily against the Israeli attack. However, it did not specify what action it is considering over the Israeli military’s missile strike.

According to Hezbollah’s Golan File initiative, the three targets were two observation posts along with an office. This was to enable it launch attack on Israel. also available
Israel is fighting on so many fronts that multiple wars may break out anytime. The US is still silent

Israel has carried out hundreds of missile attacks on targets in Syria during civil war. It did this to counter the Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Iran group’s actions.

Both the Israeli Defense Forces and government have yet to respond.

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