China urges Europe to find common ground with Russia — Analysis

Moscow’s concerns in Ukraine need to be addressed for European security architecture to be sustainable, Beijing said

According to Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, the unresolved question of pan-European safety is the root of Ukraine’s ongoing crisis. All European countries, including Russia, must be part of its resolution, he told Luigi Di Maio, his Italian counterpart, on Thursday.

Wang and Di Maio talked about Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. They also discussed ways to end hostilities quickly during a live video chat. Chinese diplomat urged European leaders to respond to Russian concerns. According to the diplomat, security architecture must be built on the principle that the continent is indivisible. It is not enough to have “in-depth and comprehensive discussions with the Russian side”This would permit the arrangement to become effective. “balanced, effective and sustainable,”He said.

Minister criticized use of sanctions in international relations as coercion, saying that the strategy was not right. “cannot solve problems and will create new ones.”Russia is being punished for attacking Ukraine with punitive actions “will have a serious impact on global finance, energy, food, transportation, supply chain and other aspects, and damage the world economic recovery and the people’s livelihood of all countries,”He warned.

Exploding prices, energy and aviation crisis: What will the blowback be from anti-Russia sanctions?

Russia attacked Ukraine in late February, claiming that NATO’s creeping expansion into the country posed an unacceptable threat to its national security. The US led Western countries retaliated by imposing a series of sanctions on the Russian economy.

Both Russia and Ukraine failed to agree to a cease-fire, and neither side appears willing to make concessions.

Moscow invaded Kiev after a 7-year conflict over Ukraine’s failures implement Minsk peace accords. Russia later recognized Donbass republics at Donetsk, Lugansk. French and German protocols, which were jointly negotiated by the French and German governments, had been created to normalize the situation of Ukraine’s regions.

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