CNN’s chief correspondent questions Biden’s coherence — Analysis

A CNN correspondent said US President Joe Biden seemed “confused” during his interview with ABC News, talking about an anti-Covid-19 pill when asked about rapid tests instead.

Skepticism about Biden’s mental capacities, which has long been a trope of right-leaning media, is a rare sight in outlets supporting the Democratic president. CNN’s Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny appeared to offer exactly that, however, during a panel discussion of Biden’s latest interview.

Biden “was confusing the half a billion tests that they’ve ordered with a half a billion pills,”He pointed out a gaffe that was made by the president during his one-on-one meeting with David Muir. The president has been accused of ‘not-quite-there’ episodes on a fairly regular basis, but his defenders usually attribute them to his well-known propensity for gaffes, his stutter, and similar explanations.

Biden spoke first about the 500 million Pfizer pills the government ordered during an ABC News interview. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Paxlovid this week for antiviral use. “a major step forward in the fight against this global pandemic.”

Biden asked the next question about free health tests they plan to send to Americans beginning in January. Biden spoke about ordering the same number of kits. “half a billion pills”Instead of attempting to correct himself, he should conduct tests.

Lack of quick test kits is a significant problem in the US. The Biden administration was heavily criticised for failing to resolve it. The White House press secretary Jen Psaki infamously mocked a journalist’s suggestion that free tests should simply be sent to Americans, just weeks before the US government announced plans to do exactly that.

Biden spoke to ABC News and stated that he wishes he could be there. “had thought about ordering half a billion pills [sic!] two months ago, before Covid hit here,”Evidently, this refers to Omicron variant testing kits.

After Vanity Fair’s Friday report revealed that Biden Administration rejected a plan to increase testing in the holiday season, which was first suggested in October, it came under further scrutiny.

According to the report, it was planned to copy other countries to provide free quick test kits to the citizens. White House chose to pretend “small-ball,”One of the expert behind the suggestion said.

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