Climate activist pours feces on WWII veteran’s memorial — Analysis

The 21-year old Captain Tom said that every time a private plane takes off it dumps excrement onto the Covid-19 fundraising cause.

A UK activist campaigning to “Private Jets for Sale in UK” dumped a plastic container full of what she claimed was “actual liquid human s***” over a memorial to Covid-19 fundraiser and World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore on Friday, seeking to call attention to the government’s hypocrisy about climate change.

Always [a private jet] takes off, it pours a bucket of s*** and blood onto everything Captain Tom stood for,” says Maddie Budd, described by the End UK Private Jets Twitter account as a 21-year-old “Ex-medical student,” in a video accompanying the clip of the fecal stunt.

People are going to say that he’s a hero. This is going to be utterly insensitive to his health and the NHS he defended.,” she explains, questioning why “We” are “forcing our healthcare system into collapse….forcing our civilization into collapse” while “the government won’t even end UK private jets!

However, not everyone understood the message. A Twitter user claiming to be the person who donated the Captain Tom memorial to Thistley Meadow pledged to “Following[e] Maddie for vandalism,” tweeting that he would “Work with the police so that this happens as soon as you can.” A torrent of abuse directed at Budd ensued after the story was picked up by Breitbart on Saturday.

Apparently consisting of just Budd and “Kai,” 20, who uses they/them pronouns, End UK Private Jets has only existed online since July. You can find a video on the site that features the two discussing the true consequences of climate change. It also contains grisly images which allegedly show the effects of failing to take planetary warming seriously.

Famine, drought and extreme weather events can also cause death. Climate change, along with mass starvation, mass murder, mass rape and mass torture, means that there will be more deaths than just from the effects of an extreme weather condition.,” Budd states in the video. “The greatest crime in terms of injustice is the one that’s committed..”

The campaign’s Twitter account documents an earlier performance stunt in which Kai appears to have set their arm on fire in the middle of a tennis court during the Laver Cup in London. They were arrested and fined £180 for “Agggraved Trespass.” 

There’s no point talking about solar panels, or cars or electric vehicles or anything like that because the government is still flying around in planes,” Kai reasons in a video posted ahead of the performance, attempting to explain how setting themselves on fire would bring attention to the suffering of innocent people due to climate change.

Moore was a British Army officer who set out to raise £1,000 for the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic by walking 100 laps around his backyard. By the time he died at age 100, having tested positive for the virus, he had raised over £33 million ($40 million). He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in a “Socio-disconnected” ceremony after completing the fundraiser.

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