Amazon’s Alexa dishes out potentially deadly challenge — Analysis

Amazon claims it has upgraded its voice assistant following the discovery that Alexa suggested that a 10-year old girl hold a coin against the prongs on a partially-inserted plug.

The girl’s mother postedOn Monday, she tweeted about how her daughter was doing. had been doingSome indoor challenges for cold weather set by a physical therapist. ed. YouTube teacher and was looking for another. To the woman’s shock, Alexa suggested a “simple”The participant found the task via the Internet. “plug[s]In a charger for your smartphone, place it about half way into the outlet. Then touch[es] a penny to the exposed prongs.” 

The deadly “penny challenge”The trend started on TikTok about one year ago. It can lead to both electric shock and fire. 

Alexa gave the challenge to Alexa, but the lady in the room at the time, was not there, so she shouted. “No, Alexa, no!”She wrote. She wrote that the safe stunt was still not attempted by the little girl. “too smart to do something like that anyway.”

Amazon stated that Amazon had been informed of the incident by BBC. “swift action”This will prevent the assistant again from suggesting this type of activity. 

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