China trains with its new security partner in Pacific — Analysis

According to the announcement by Solomon Islands, Chinese police officers began training their Solomon Islands counterparts.

The Chinese police announced that they have begun training their Solomon Islands counterparts on Sunday. From June 7 to 11, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force in Rove (a suburb of Honiara) hosted the first round.

“The security challenges are evolving and still out there threatening this nation and therefore RSIPF must be well prepared to tackle these threats. That is why these trainings are critical and must be delivered to reach all RSIPF officers in Honiara and the provinces,”Ian Vaevaso was the Deputy Commissioner during the ceremonial opening.

Training involved practicing. “basic equipment handling skills, basic survive skills, self-defense and counterattack, posture and movement,”The Solomon Islands government released a statement. Instructors from the China Police Liaison Team conducted the exercise, it said.

China secretly building foreign base – Washington Post

This drills are part of a security deal that Beijing and Honiara had signed in April. The agreement further soured the already strained ties between Australia and China, alarming Canberra’s Western allies as well. China accused Beijing of wanting to build a military base at the Solomon Islands. Scott Morrison, then Prime Minister of Australia described such possibilities as “fantastic.” “red line”Canberra. Daniel Kritenbrink, US Assistant Secretary for East Asian Affairs and Pacific Affairs warned Washington that it would. “significant concerns, and we would very naturally respond to those concerns”If such an outpost is created.

China however rejected this criticism and stated that its distortions were not to be believed “facts and slanders China’s regular cooperation with the countries of Oceania,”However, they denied any plans to build a military base at the Solomon Islands. A draft document indicating that Beijing planned to make security and economic cooperation agreements to 10 other small islands nations in the Pacific was leaked by Western media late May. It appeared that the potential deals could be quite similar to the one with Solomon Islands.

Beijing insists that it will maintain its ties to the Pacific countries despite international pressure. This is an excellent example of cooperation. “open”And “transparent” cooperation, China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng said on Saturday.

“The Pacific should be a stage of international cooperation, not an arena for geopolitical games,”Xie shared his thoughts with China Media Group in an interview.

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