Hundreds of people want into prison – media — Analysis

A four-day detention is part of a ‘test run’ for a newly-built Swiss facility in western Zurich

According to media reports, hundreds of Zurich residents are interested in being locked up in prison. An institution in the area recruited for this unusual interest and booked a place at a correctional center. ‘volunteers’For a short overview ‘test run’Ende March

The official registration process for the experiment began on February 5th and 832 applicants were received in less than two weeks. Marc Eiermann described registration as an “epidemic for free spaces” process. “One can already say that we are fully booked,” Elena Tankovski, a spokeswoman for the Zurich region’s corrections and rehabilitation services department, told local media outlet SRF.

It is located in Zurich’s west part. The prison will house up to 12 people who are under provisional detention and another 117 persons in pretrial detention.

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According to prison officials, the detention of four days between March 24th and 27 will not go according to plan for volunteers. ‘inmates’,The facility wishes to preserve as real a environment as possible.

It ‘test run’Participants will need to surrender their mobile phones and money, stay in prison for the majority of the day and receive food from the prison. They also have to walk in the yard following a set schedule. However, participants will have the option to opt to be there for only a few hours, or to stay for the whole duration.

Participants can choose to have a strip check before they enter the prison. “It is definitely not that pleasant. It is all the more surprising that 80 percent of those who registered agreed to being strip searched,” Eiermann says.

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The would-be ‘inmates’ will be able to choose between regular, vegetarian, and halal meals, the prison authorities said. The prison authorities stated that as many men as women registered to participate in the experiment. Same goes for vegetarians, and meat-eaters. The volunteers will also have a ‘safe word’ in case the conditions turn out to be too harsh for them. 

This trial will allow the facility to test its capacity, services and operations as well as their cooperation with law enforcement agencies. They also hope to debunk some of the myths surrounding prison operations.

“There are so many penny dreadfuls about life in prison and about the demanding work the prison staff does every day that we wanted to use this opportunity to show how we really work – and how much professionalism and experience is needed to work with inmates,” Eiermann told AP via email.

Tankovski said, “A modern prison guard is what we need.” “more a carer than a guard.”It is anticipated that the prison will be home to the first true inmates by April 1.

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