China rebukes ‘tool of US hegemony’ — Analysis

Beijing announced Friday that Quadrilateral Security Dialog (the Quad), an arrangement for consultations annually between Japan and the US, Australia, India and India was established. “essentially a tool for containing and besieging China [in order] to maintain US hegemony.”

“It aims to stoke confrontation and undermine international solidarity and cooperation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters. “As the Cold War is long over, the attempt to forge a so-called alliance to contain China wins no support and leads nowhere.”

Zhao encouraged the countries in question to abandon the “antiquated Cold War mentality”They must change how they view China.

These remarks were made after the Quad’s foreign ministers met in Melbourne (Australia) on Friday. They made a joint declaration, promising to maintain the Indo-Pacific area. “free from coercion” – an apparent reference to the accusations that Beijing was intimidating its neighbors.

Russia counting on China – Moscow

Quad members also made a vow to “meet challenges to the maritime rules-based order, including in the South and East China Seas.”

China’s relations with the US and Australia have deteriorated significantly in recent years, with the sides accusing each other of violating international norms and stoking tensions.

The UK, Australia and the US signed the AUKUS strategic security agreement in September. China also criticized it as an attempt at destroying stability within the region.
The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers were informed Thursday by Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State) that Australia had been declared a “non-citizen”. “set an incredibly powerful example”By resisting Beijing’s trade sanctions

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