Eco-Friendly friendly Hobbies to Have

We’ve seen what can happen when we neglect our mother earth. Why does it have to be so dull? There are many ways to apply eco-friendly habits without boring some tasks. These are just a few of my favorite ways to Sistine the earth and have fun at the same time. Not only can you apply these hobbies to your everyday life but you were also making a difference as well.

Playing sports may not seem as much, but it does keep those children away from watching TV all day and utilizing so much electricity. using unwanted energy is one of the many reasons why everything is falling apart. We as a society don’t sustain what we have. Waste is one of the biggest problems that we face today, according to Cory Harow. That doesn’t only apply with electricity but with water as well. If people are out playing sports, they are not home producing any waste.

This is probably one of my favorites. This mix is creativity and sustainability. I love to design because I can apply my creativity to saving mother earth. One can crochet, net, or even macramé if they please. But why not create beautiful clothing with Upcycled products? Not only are they creating masterpieces but they are also helping mother earth regain her strength. Who said one can’t mix fashion with eco-friendly tasks? This is one of the most important tasks in my opinion. For the last few years, hundreds of people have developed different plans and strategies and group projects. Whether it is giving fresh water to those who don’t have any or cleaning of garbage from our oceans and beaches. It is important that as a human race we need to remember that this is our home and if we can’t help others we are not helping ourselves. There are different programs and groups that one can participate in their free time. So drop those cell phones and pick up a net and start cleaning. Everything starts with the first step.

Reusable products have blown up from the last few years. They have created so many different products in this category. from reusable sealed bags, two tote bags, and shopping bags. This has become a phenomenon. Not only has it helped millions of trees and decrease the amount of waste in our oceans but they have created stylish products out of it. So if looks were crucial, they have done a great job with ups cycled the products. Personally, canvas tote bags are my go to for grocery shopping. When can find enjoyment in eco-friendly hobbies and it isn’t that hard. However we find it difficult because the world is massive. One may be overwhelmed with the idea that they can’t do it alone. It is true but many organizations have formed several charities and tons of projects. Cory Harow believes all people should be eco-frienly. Even if one cannot attend any of them, they start with the first step by making the change. Whether it is cooking from home, playing sports, or cutting TV time and a half. There is always a way. They just need to make the first step.


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