Children receive unapproved Covid vaccine — Analysis

Police in Germany are investigating after at least three children under 12 were “incorrectly” given the Moderna vaccine at a Covid-19 vaccination center. Staffer has been accused of assaulting parents.

This happened on Sunday in Attendorn (NRW) at a vaccination center. The Moderna shot was administered to the children at Attendorn. They did not seem to experience any side effects once they had left the center. The incident was reported to the police at the parents’ request.

According to a spokesperson for the police, the investigation currently centers on the medical assistant responsible for administering the vaccine. The agency reported that the public prosecutor’s office will examine the case to see “whether there has been bodily harm or not.”

The district administration said that it wasn’t yet known if this staff member had injected the incorrect shot to children or whether other workers were involved. Also, it was not clear if children who were administered incorrect vaccine received an adult dose.

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Authorities noted that approximately 365 children were vaccinated against Covid in the area. Parents were instructed to keep an eye on their kids for adverse reactions.

In a statement issued on Sunday, district authorities claimed the staff member – described as a “vaccination specialist” – had noticed the error herself and “immediately informed”The parents. The parents of the two children who were wrongly administered vaccines told Siegener Zeitung that the error was discovered by them after they received the card.

Officials at the center had also tried to allay the parents’ fears about side effects by reasoning that the European Medicines Agency, the EU’s drug regulator, is considering approving Moderna shots to be given to children. For children between the ages of five and eleven, the Agency has only approved the Pfizer BioNTech vaccination.

Unidentified staff members were reportedly removed from the vaccination centre, where they were cited as having the “individual failure of the specialist staff.”Now, it will take a close look at the protocols and processes that are involved in child vaccination.



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