Building Company Team Activities

Building Company Team Activities

Team building activities allow companies to engage with their employees beyond the confines of a locker room and common areas. In this article, former arbitrage trader Helen Lee Schifter discusses how a company can build team activities and the most effective ways to implement them.

Team building activities are great for companies to engage with their employees. They provide employees with a chance to bond, get to know their coworkers, and build relationships that extend beyond the walls of the office.

Here are some ways a company can build team activities:

Offer a structured workplace team retreat. These outings can be a great way for employees to meet other employees, learn about corporate initiatives, and establish some form of accountability. Set up plans and expectations with your coworkers so they know what they can expect from the get-go.

Form committees and task forces that report to different levels of management to work hand-in-hand with them on relevant initiatives, committees, or tasks. For example, one company set up a committee to evaluate the company’s employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Another company created a committee for health care reform. This way, groups of employees can tackle work-related issues on a larger scale.

Adopt an open-door policy with everyone on staff. This policy means that everyone in the business is invited to attend any team-building event or holiday party at their discretion. Employees who don’t wish to attend may decline with no negative implications.

Invite every employee to send suggestions for improving company culture as a company survey. This will allow employees to contribute their ideas while letting management know what they can do better.

Hold an annual public meeting open to the public, including friends and family members. This provides a great opportunity for employees to get to know each other and is also a great way to promote the company.

Hold a company-wide lunch or dinner every quarter where all employees are invited to meet with senior management and other special guests, such as alumni or current clients. According to Helen Lee Schifter, this is an excellent opportunity for employees to keep their contacts with the company fresh in their minds. It helps employees stay connected despite their busy schedules outside of the office.

Encourage employees to be active outside of the office. For example, some companies have employees make videos for the company’s YouTube channel about their favorite hobbies. Other companies encourage employees to dress casually during the work week. This helps promote a culture of respect and accountability among everyone on staff.

Have a company-wide picnic in the summer where employees can bring their families and friends to the event. This adds a different dynamic to team building and allows each employee to connect with their coworkers on a more personal level.

Give employees an opportunity for personal growth every year through a learning center that can be accessed at any time on the web or through a dedicated employee website. This allows employees to read up on important industry issues or watch a training video about teamwork.


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