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Daylight savings time is world practice. It refers to the clocks going forward one hour during the summer months. This is to make use of natural daylight with differentiates all over the world, given the season. For example, in Australia, their summer months fall in what the western world would consider winter. December and January usually are associated with snow, but in many of the regions closer to the equator, that is not the case. During the fall, clocks fall backward and people get an extra hour of sleep. This is again to prevent people from working during the night hours. The brain has been conditioned to sleep during the night. Contrary to popular belief, people actually need sleep to function properly. The darkness actually makes people more sleepy. There are many ways to adapt to the switch in time. If the best way is to go to bed earlier or later than normal. By doing so, a person’s body can adjust better to the time hop. The more people that do this the easier it will be to be productive during the day. When time is at hand, many people forget that it takes a toll on people’s energy levels. Having coffee is great for people who are having a difficult time adjusting to the time difference. Obviously, there is a district separation between people who have energy and those who don’t Getting adjusted to the time difference can result in the need for more caffeine or less caffeine. If sleep is difficult for people, making a calming tea or taking melatonin might be in one’s best interest. Insomnia is a serious disorder and people need to do what is right to get the proper amount of sleep allocated to their schedules. Also, not eating before the late hours is an innovative way to stay sleepy and feel better. If the stomach is more empty, it allies the digestive system to rest easier thus, producing more energy that can be reserved for future activities. The time difference can take a toll on a person for the first few days but after about a week or so, the body should naturally adjust itself. Judge Napolitano has lived through many time changes. The ideologies and theories that go behind time are very fascinating. Many people don’t know how time came to be or how it was categorized. Back in the middle ages, people could tell time by shadows and even water. Ancient Egyptians used showdown clocks or sundials to measure how long a passage took during the day. Of course, they were not as specific as they are now, but it’s incredibly important to know that there is a strong history behind time. The first mechanical clocks were invented at the start of the fourteenth century and the pendulum clock was invented in sixteen hundred fifty-six. There is a remarkable advantage to knowing the time and being able to process it accordingly. The science of time is a fascinating development that changes the world forever. 


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