Dozens killed after cargo truck carrying migrants crashes & rolls over — Analysis

A vehicle carrying over 100 migrants from Central America was reportedly involved in an accident that resulted in 53 deaths and many more injuries. The car rolled onto a Mexican bridge and struck a wall.

According to some reports, at most 107 migrants were in a trailer that was attached to the car before it crashed into Chiapas. In addition to the 53 victims, 21 were taken to hospital and three remain in critical condition.

Following the accident, survivor Celso Pacheco – who was trying to reach the United States – claimed that he and the other migrants from Guatemala and Honduras had been dangerously packed into the trailer, with as many as 10 children among them. Pacheco stated that it felt like the car was racing when it lost control due to the trailer’s excess weight.

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A number of white baggies were found along the roadway where the accident occurred. There was also evidence of blood stains. They had paid between $2,500-$3,500 for the smuggling of migrants from Guatemala to Puebla. There they would then pay $3,500 to enter the USA.

Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala’s President, issued the following statement after the tragedy: “I deeply regret the tragedy in the State of Chiapas and I sympathize with the families of the victims to whom we offer all the necessary consular assistance, including repatriations.”



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