Republicans slam Biden’s ‘excessive’ vacations — Analysis

A non-official count shows Trump’s president spent less time away than Trump.

Republicans have blasted US President Joe Biden for “Excessive” vacation time after an unofficial tally showed that he has taken more days off than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“The GOP is calling out Joe Biden for taking excessive amounts of vacation,”On Monday, the Republican National Committee tweeted.

This statement came as former CBS News reporter Mark Knoller had calculated that Biden has spent 150 vacation days at his Delaware residence since he assumed office in January 2021.

This is more than Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, spent vacationing at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and Bedminster club in New Jersey (132 days) during his entire four-year term, according to Knoller.

Biden spent a week in South Carolina during his Delaware vacation.

The Establishment Republicans are fond of blaming Donald Trump for their loss, when in reality they are the problem.

“How out-of-touch can Joe Biden get? Biden is spending nearly all of August on vacation while Americans are forced to cancel their summer travel because of historic inflation, high gas prices, and a recession,”Emma Vaughn, RNC spokesperson, stated in a Saturday statement that President Obama should be contacted. “focus on fixing the crises he created.”

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