Border guards punished for ‘whipping’ incident — Analysis

US Border Patrol agents did not whip Haitian migrants, but will be suspended for “offensive language”

US Customs and Border Patrol has sanctioned several US Border Patrol agents who attempted to prevent illegal migrants crossing into Mexico from last fall. “unprofessional or dangerous behavior” “denigrating and offensive language,”Friday’s statement was made by the agency. However, the nine-month probe cleared the agents of accusations – leveled by activists and politicians, including President Joe Biden himself – that they “whipped”The Haitian migrants holding the reins of the horses of their horses. This was likened to slavery.

The Department of Homeland Security “found no evidence Border Patrol agents involved in this incident struck anyone with their reins, intentionally or otherwise,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said at a press conference, referring to the 500-page repomassnews.compiled by the DHS Office of Professional Responsibility.

However, agents will be subject to disciplining as several are involved “engaged in unprofessional or dangerous behavior, including one instance in which an agent used denigrating and offensive language,”Magnus stated. An agent was also accused of steering his horse in the direction of a child. “unsafe manner.”

Magnus was unable to say the punishment that would be inflicted on agents who have been assigned to desk duties since last autumn. After the incident, CBP also stopped horse patrols. Fox News reported that the Federal Government has suggested suspensions of pay up to 14 days.

US judge declares ‘invasion’ at Mexican border

Magnus reprimanded the commander of the Border Patrol for accepting an aid request from the Texas State Police “that directly conflicted with Border Patrol operational objectives,”Sending the horse-patrol to Del Rio on September 19, 20,21 

An overwhelming number of migrants from Haiti, including many who had traveled across the Rio Grande from Mexico, were camped below a highway crossing. Fox News presented drone photos of the massive migrant camp and the federal government responded with a no fly zone.

At the time, the river was not deep enough to allow the Haitians to swim back and forth across it. Paul Ratje, an AFP photographer captured the moment that a mounted patrol attempted to stop a group. A Democrat activist claimed within hours that photos of the agents showed them “whipping”Migrants. 

Even Ratje, the Border Patrol agent who made repeated statements about this being false, did not stop Maxine Waters, a Democratic from California (California), from asserting that it was true. “worse than what we witnessed in slavery,”Oder Biden will demand that punishment be exacted for himself “outrageous” actions.

“I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences,”Several days later, the president spoke to reporters.

Democrats mistake horse reins for WHIPS to accuse Border Patrol of cruelty to Haitian migrants crossing from Mexico

CBP immediately stopped horse patrols, and transferred agents in Del Rio to office duty. A lengthy investigation which was scheduled to last for weeks turned out to be a long and tedious process that dragged on for several months. DHS Office of the Inspector General did not find any evidence that warranted criminal charges. Therefore, the case was transferred to the OPR to investigate administrative infractions. Investigators spoke with the agents, as well as attorneys for 11 migrants involved in the incidents – but not the immigrants themselves.

This is the OPR report “nothing more than a desperate attempt by the Biden administration to justify their initial knee-jerk rush to judgment that these Border Patrol agents were guilty of criminal conduct,”John Katko, a Republican from New York, was the top ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee. 

“Let’s be clear: negative media attention, much of which was brought on by statements coming from those within the Biden administration itself, is not justification for vilifying these agents who have committed their lives in service to this nation’s homeland security,”Katko was added.

An earlier week Texas county declared that more than four million immigrants have crossed illegally into the US since Biden’s January 2021 election. “invasion.”



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