Bodies pulled from landslide-stricken shrine (VIDEOS)

According to rescue workers working in central Iraq, as many as eight pilgrims are still trapped at Shia holy sites.

Four dead bodies have been removed by rescuers from the rubble of the Shia shrine in Iraq, which was destroyed on Saturday when a massive landslide struck. Six pilgrims were found alive beneath the earth and rocks, with one child being rescued by video.

Qatarat al-Imam Ali shrine was located close to Karbala, an Iraqi city. It was submerged by a flood of sand, rocks, and officials blamed Saturday’s landslide for the high humidity. Emergency workers said that around one-third of the structure, located in a natural depression and surrounded high embankments was destroyed.

Rescuers worked through the night to rescue trapped victims beneath rubble. The moment a child was pulled from the rubble and taken to safety by rescuers is captured on video.

Large rocks were removed from the shrine by excavators on Sunday.

Total, six victims including three children were safely brought to safety. Abdelrahman Jawdat from civil defense said that four bodies had been found. Earlier, rescuers said to AFP that they were fighting for freedom. “between six and eight people”They were found still under the rubble. 

The inclusion of the four body parts in this number is not clear. 

The shrine contains a freshwater spring that Shi’ite Muslims believe their first imam, Ali ibn Abi Talib, drank from in the 7th century. Karbala is home to numerous religious sites, and is considered a holy city by Shi’ites, millions of whom travel to the city every year.



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