11 killed in gruesome shooting, including children

Following a rampage through Cetinje in Montenegro, a Montenegro policeman was killed and shot by them

A resident of Cetinje, Montenegro shot and killed eleven people – including two children – and injured six more on Friday, before he was shot and killed by police, according to local media reports.

Witnesses claim that the man opened fire on random people after he pulled out his pistol during a dispute with his family. 

The scene is still under investigation by the police in Cetinje. Officially, very little has been disclosed.

Montenegro’s state television reported at first that over ten people had been killed, not including one police officer. It also cited local residents. Six people were also wounded and 11 of the dead were later added to this list.

One eyewitness revealed to RTCG by state broadcaster RTCG the shooting victim walked down the street. “randomly”People were fired upon.

Vucko Boilovic, 34 was identified as the suspect by other local news outlets. According to them, he killed several family members including his children before turning his weapon on any passers-by. The suspect was shot when he fired at the ambulance that tried to help him.

Friday’s rampage occurred in Medovina near the National Museum of Montenegro. Police have been able to investigate the incident by blocking off the area.

Cetinje was the capital of Montenegro when it was a principality and later a kingdom, and still houses the president’s residence, but most government functions were moved to Podgorica in the 1940s.



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