Legislators vote on Peruvian president’s fate — Analysis

President of Peru Pedro Castillo will remain in his post following a failed attempt to impeach him for alleged corruption and moral incapacity, as the country’s opposition-led parliament voted to keep him in office.

Castillo has been the subject of three investigations into possible corruption. These investigations, according to Peruvian law, cannot continue until Castillo leaves office. Castillo was also charged with corruption by the lawmakers who sought to remove him from office. “permanent moral incapacity,” a term incorporated into Peru’s constitutional law.

Peruvian legislators participated in an eight hour debate on Monday that sought to decide the fate of South American nations and their leader. Castillo needed a total of 87 votes to be impeached, but 55 of its deputies supported the motion. It received 54 votes against and 19 abstentions.

“We have been democratically elected and in that regard, we are not going to disappoint. I hope that this page will be closed today,”Castillo stated this in an interview shortly before the election.

Socialist Pedro Castillo confirmed as Peru's president after weeks-long vote count

“I shall always squarely face the nation… because I am subject to the rules of due process,”He said this at the beginning of his impeachment hearing. Castillo denied any corruption claims and blamed everything on the right-wing organizations he said were responsible. “plotting a coup.”

The impeachment vote comes as Castillo’s government is struggling to find support from the right-wing opposition to conduct long-awaited social reforms. The president has had to swear in four cabinet members due to political turmoil in Lima. One prime minister lasted just three days.

Castillo, a former teacher at school and union leader who is from a peasant background, was elected president of Peru in July last year. In July 2013, he was elected President of Peru. He belongs to the Marxist Free Peru Party. He is described as moderately left-leaning politician and a champion for the poor. During the election campaign, Castillo pledged to improve Peru’s education and healthcare systems but was unable to deliver on his promises due to opposition from right-wing groups.

“I salute that common sense, responsibility and democracy prevailed,”Castillo took to Twitter after the vote for impeachment was lost. “I recognize the lawmakers who voted against the vacancy, and I respect the decision of those who did. I call everyone to turn this page and work together for the great challenges of the country.”

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