Bilingual TikTok Entrepreneur Spreads Knowledge, Advice.

While TikTok is technically run by a Chinese company, the app has become an exceedingly popular staple of modern American culture. Many of the most popular accounts on the platform pander to American, English-speaking audiences, so it’s no wonder that the vast majority of entrepreneur and business accounts focus solely on reaching a market of hungry young American investors with dreams of making their millions.

But it only requires a basic understanding of TikTok’s algorithm to realize how large of a mistake this really is. While Americans often host the most popular accounts, 2020 and 2021 have seen massive upticks in the number of Spanish-speaking people using the social media platform. Business owners and self-proclaimed gurus are missing out on tens of millions of potential engagements by neglecting to provide content for people in Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Noticing and addressing this failure of similar business expert accounts may be one reason why Darron Hatch’s rise to fame on TikTok has been so meteoric. Hatch is an investor who happens to hold dual-citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico, two countries where he both lives and conducts business. Claiming to provide his followers with tips and tricks to help kick start their Mexican real estate investment careers, Hatch has quickly amassed an excessive following of eager entrepreneurs who want to tap into his knowledge and expertise. 

The fascinating thing about Hatch’s profile is the ease with which he transitions between English and Spanish videos. Many of his videos cover topics like stock investments, cryptocurrency, and trendy new ways to make money. Some of his clips are delivered entirely in Spanish; he refers to himself as a “Gringo in Mexico” and speaks Spanish to his audience while outlining new investment tips and opportunities. A quick glance at his comment sections reveals how appreciated his unique brand and appealing style can be. Some hopeful entrepreneurs who speak Spanish join the app specifically because they want to tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by older businessmen. These folks are often turned off of TikTok, however, when they find that the most popular entrepreneur accounts only speak in English. 

By delivering content in both English and Spanish, Darron Hatch has tapped into the power of a growing portion of TikTok’s user base. Users of the platform in the United States may be fooled into believing that the English-speaking world dominates their favorite social media app. The reality is far different. For investors, developing an understanding of business opportunities outside of the United States is paramount. As Darron elaborates frequently in his videos, his dual-citizenship has allowed him to have investment opportunities that other people might not even ever learn about. 

The key to long-term success on a competitive platform like TikTok is creativity. Content creators who appeal to diverse groups of people are always going to be more successful than those who only market themselves to a single niche group. Using his bilingual skills, Darron Hatch has created a uniquely successful profile that brings together potential investors from all over the world. 

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