Man sets self on fire while screaming ‘No vax ID!’ — Analysis

Witnesses shocked by the act of self-immolation claim that it was followed by shouts about Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions.

A man in Australia sustained life-threatening injuries after setting himself ablaze in public, reportedly in protest of the country’s coronavirus restrictions, including a new vaccine mandate in Victoria state.

The horrific self-immolation took place in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond on Saturday – New Year’s Day – according to local media reports, with witnesses stating an unidentified man soaked himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire, all the while denouncing ongoing pandemic measures. 

“His skin was burning. He was on fire,” one witness, who asked not to be identified, told Melbourne’s Herald Sun. “His skin is stuck to my shirt. His face was barely off [intoxicated] screaming about the mandates.”

According to reports, the aftermath of this grisly crime was captured on film by a witness who claimed that the man had robbed him. “just f**king blown his car up”As the sound of the screams of terrified bystanders was heard, Some distance away, a significant fire was also evident.

A second witness, who was nearby eating in a restaurant at the time of the incident, said that she heard the man speaking. “screaming ‘no vax ID!’”He was there. “throwing books,”He then added that “poured gas on himself and on his car. It was on purpose.”

Many tried to control the situation and put out the flames. However, the police stated that he had been rushed to the hospital for serious burns. The spokesperson at the facility also confirmed that he was still in critical but stable condition.

In addition to a series of on-and-off lockdowns, Victoria state has imposed a number of sweeping mandates aiming to stem the spread of Covid-19, among them a vaccine requirement affecting a large swath of its labor force, as well as a ‘passport’ scheme that prohibits entry to bars, restaurants, and other public venues for the unimmunized.

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