Biggest Covid Delta outbreak hits university town in China — Analysis

China has seen the most severe outbreak of coronavirus Delta in its history. This puts the policy of zero cases to test. One university town was subject to restrictions in China’s northeast.

Two large dormitories in Zhuanghe University were evacuated. More than 10,000 students are now under quarantine.

More than 230 Covid-19 incidents have been reported in Dalian since November 4. Health officials stated that this city has 7.45million people. In an effort to keep its zero-case policy intact, officials increased road closures and started a mass testing campaign across Dalian.

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Chinese city offers cash bounties in hunt for outbreak origins

Chinese media stated that the spread of the deadly Delta virus was linked to frozen food storage and handling companies. Another cluster of infected students were discovered on campus.

Wu Liangyou was the National Health Commission’s deputy director for disease control and prevention. He stated that there had been an outbreak in Dalian. “at a stalemate”The virus was not spreading to other parts of the country.

China has managed to limit the spread of Covid-19 in China thanks to aggressive lockdowns and contact traceability. The authorities have taken steps to reduce the number of hot spots for virus infecting different areas throughout China.

A calculation by Reuters based upon official data showed that 1,308 localized symptomatic cases had been recorded in China from October 17 to November 14. This compares to the 1,280 cases in the Delta wave this summer.

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