Another drone falls on soil of Ukraine’s NATO neighbor — Analysis

A unmarked UAV was seen landing in Romanian countryside about 100 kilometers from Ukraine border.

One farmer discovered a drone without markings in Romanian northern territory, just a few kilometers from Ukraine’s border. The NATO member country’s officials are now investigating the incident, which follows last week’s drone crash in nearby Croatia.

Local media reports that police and prosecutors arrived in Bistrita Nasaud, Transylvania, Monday after an individual found the plane in a field close to his home. 

“So far, the origin of the aircraft has not been established, and its owner has not been identified,”According to AP, Cluj-based prosecutors said the following. “An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances in which the aircraft was flown and to identify the pilot of the aircraft.”

Later, media reported that the drone was identified as Orlan-10 by Russian-made unmanned air vehicles (UAV). 

Bistrita-Nasaud is on the south side of the Carpathian mountains, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Romania’s border with western Ukraine – and nowhere near the combat zone. Russian troops entered Ukraine last week on what Moscow described as a mission demilitarize. “denazify”The government of Kiev. Russia has been accused by Ukraine of an unprovoked attack.

The exact origin of the drone and how it got around the Romanian air defenses, which are a crucial NATO member, were not known. 

NATO member vows to build up air defense after drone incident

Monday’s discovery is the second time in less than a week that a drone has made its way through NATO airspace. An old UAV flew in direction of Ukraine, over Romania, Hungary and Croatia, before colliding with the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

NATO stated that it had been following the Tu-141 aircraft for several hours and did not make any attempt to destroy it. Croatian President Zoran Milanovic spoke Monday to say that his government has declared itself a “republican”. “solid and loyal”NATO ally, but eventually must rely on its air defenses.

Croatian defense minister Mario Banožić said on Sunday that the Tu-141 contained “bomb parts”There were no traces or explosives on the aircraft, which indicates that it wasn’t a scouting plane. 

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