Biden’s disinformation chief wants to edit people’s tweets — Analysis

According to the head of the disinformation board, it is possible for blue-check users on Twitter to comment on posts that they believe are false.

Nina Jankowicz, director of President Joe Biden’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board, has called for enabling blue-check Twitter users such as her to help police commentary on the social media platform by allowing them to edit tweets that they consider to be false or misleading.

Jankowicz’s comments were made in viral video posted online Tuesday. After lamenting that many verified Twitter users don’t deserve to have blue-check status because they aren’t trustworthy, she said, “So verified people can essentially start to edit Twitter the same sort of way that Wikipedia is so they can add context to certain tweets.”

For example, Jankowicz argued, if former President Donald Trump weren’t banned from Twitter and posted a message claiming that there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, a verified user could add context, such as information from lawsuits concerning the issue or comments by a state election official. This would give verified users the ability to add context, such as information from lawsuits or comments by state election officials. “context so that people have a fuller picture rather than just an individual claim on a tweet.”

Twitter already includes warning labels to help steer the narrative about sensitive topics, such as Trump’s election claims and the Covid-19 pandemic. It also offers a reply button for users who want to refute a user’s claim or add context. 

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Jankowicz’s comments appeared to have been made on a video conference call. The other participants weren’t identified in the clip that was posted online. The meeting was conducted via Zoom and at least two participants were covered in masks.

Plans for the new Disinformation Governance Board were first revealed publicly late last month by US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – two days after billionaire Elon Musk reached an agreement to buy Twitter and vowed to restore freedom of speech on the platform.

Jankowicz, a self-described “disinformation expert” who previously advised Ukraine’s foreign ministry and authored a book entitled, ‘How to Be a Woman Online,’Even though she had a track record of spreading fake information, she was elected executive director. For instance, she called the New York Post’s October 2020 scoop on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop a “Russian influence op,”It was, however.

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Not so sexy nicknamed “Biden’s Minister of Truth”Jankowicz was also criticized for calling on social media platforms not to censor Covid-19 leaks from a Chinese laboratory. She claimed online mockery of Kamala Harris, Vice President and other Democrat politicians were a threat national security and democracy. She responded to news of Musk’s Twitter takeover by saying, “I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms, what that would look like for the marginalized communities, which are already shouldering disproportionate amounts of this abuse.”




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