Biden appears to confuse North and South Korea (VIDEO) — Analysis

Inadvertently, the US President claimed that North Korea had supported Washington’s imposition of sanctions against Russia

On Friday, Joe Biden of the United States added another gaffe to his list by apparently mistaking two Korean states.

Biden spoke at Annapolis’ Naval Academy graduation ceremony. He discussed how important it is for US to cooperate with its allies in order to ensure global security. Biden cited as an example the Western sanctions placed on Moscow for its military operations in Ukraine.

“Did anyone think that when I called for sanctions against Russia, in addition to NATO, that Australia, Japan, North Korea, some of the ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] countries would stand up and support those sanctions?”The US leader asked.

North Korea was heavily supported by Washington and voted against the UN resolution in March condemning Russia’s military attack in Ukraine.

Pyongyang even accused the “Hegemonic policies” of the US of fueling the conflict.

In the meantime, Russia, China and China used their vetoes Thursday to block an American-drafted UN Security Council resolution that sought to strengthen international sanctions on North Korea. These countries have not vetoed the North Korea sanctions package since 2006.

Easter Bunny takes Biden out of the press (VIDEOS).

Biden, who was talking with a reporter last month and wearing a bunny costume, was ridiculed online after he was whisked off by an individual in a bunnysuit. On another occasion, during a visit to North Carolina, Biden extended his hand at the end of a speech in a manner that some observers described as “Handshakes with thin air.” ‘Fact-checking’ website PolitiFact, however, argued that Biden was merely “The audience is being directed.

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