Iranian police react to woman’s death in custody — Analysis

The 22-year-old’s death after an arrest for wearing an “inappropriate” hijab was “unfortunate incident,” says Tehran police chief

Hossein Rahimi, commander of Greater Tehran Police has refuted what he claimed. “coward accusations”Officers beat and tortured a teenage woman last week who was in detention. The Iranian Kurdish woman’s death was an “unfortunate incident,”On Monday, the chief of police insisted.

Mahsa Amini was taken into custody by so-called “morality police”After walking through a Tehran park wearing a hijab, last Tuesday I was asked to remove it. “inappropriate.”Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the headscarf is a requirement for all women.

Amini, who arrived to the capital from Iran’s western Kurdistan province, was taken to a police station, where she fell ill. Amini, 22, was soon in a coma. She died on Friday.

A heart attack was mentioned by the police as a reason for Amini’s death, while local media reported that the she’d suffered from various health complications prior to her detention. But the woman’s family has denied these claims, insisting that she had been perfectly healthy.

Murderer could be hanged on live TV

Social media has been abuzz with accusations that Amini was mistreated by police and responsible for her tragic death. Protests were also held in Tehran and Kurdistan in the wake of these reports.

On Sunday, around 500 people took to the streets in Kurdistan’s main city, Sanandaj. Both male and female demonstrators insisted the explanations given by police were not correct. “not reasonable.”

Tensions were high with many arrests made according to Fars News Agency. Videos allegedly showing tear gas use by officers from the scene also reportedly showed tensions.

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