Best Bagel Shops in San Francisco

Best Bagel Shops in San Francisco


There are quite a number of locals in the City of San Francisco who are real lovers of bagels. Getting the best bagel that is golden-brown in color, soft and chewy, is something that most people actually look forward to having. Herein therefore, we shall have a look at some of the best shops for bagels, that have been recommended by educator Jonathan Osler. This is mostly in order to get people to have an easy time while getting the best in terms of where they can get the bagels from.

List of some of the Top Bagel Shops found in San Francisco

Listed and discussed briefly below, are some of the most liked bagel shops in San Francisco that one can take advantage of:

1.Wise Sons Bagel and Bakery

This is by far one of the most famously celebrated bagel shops that is found in San Francisco. Its main dedication is actually geared towards providing different Jewish traditional comfort food offers. This bakery is most well renowned for bagels, and several other baked foods, which are mostly served with the accompaniment of either tea or coffee.

In Wise Sons Bagel and Bakery, one is able to get quite a number of fresh-baked delicacies of bread, and bagels that have been toasted; which can be delivered either at home or even at the office. Other options that are available include bodega egg and cheese, pastrami sandwich, and salad that is smoked out and trout.

Other specialties that are available in this Bagel shop includes cinnamon toasts, vegan cream of sunflower, almond butter, callion schmear, onion bialy and organic berry preserves.

2.Posh Bagel Shop

This is one of the best shops in San Francisco that has been highly recommended by Jonathan Osler. This particular outlet has for the longest time been one of the top leading suppliers when it comes to bakery products that are of high quality. The bakery range of products here are made fresh on a daily basis, and delivered to different wholesale customers everyday of the week; all year round.

There is a dedicated team of employees who work tirelessly to ensure that excellent delivery, service and support is accorded to the customers. The range of bakery products that are provided here include bagels, croissants, donuts, cookies, cheese cream and sumptuous muffins. Another thing worth noting about this bagel shop is the fact that they have a package of bakery items that are often frozen, and can therefore be shipped all around the world to their esteemed customers; without going bad.

3.House of Bagels Shop

One of the most incredible things about this shop that is worth taking note of, is the fact that it is one of the longest serving bakery shops in San Francisco. It was founded in 1962, and has been in operation up to date. Here, the bagels that are sold are often made from some of the finest ingredients; soaked in water and later on baked on stone for a period of over 50 years.

Additionally, many other pastries here are also baked from scratch, including traditional cookies, carrels and artisan bread. What most people cherish most about this shop is that they use some of the best ingredients that are highly nourishing, for making their bagels. Some of these include hatch water that is highly purified, flour that is of high protein value, brown sugar and malt.


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