Good Prostate Health Helps Your Sexual Health

The prostate is one of those aspects of your health that you don’t truly appreciate until things go wrong. 

As men get older and enter their 40s and 50s, it’s common for them to experience prostate growth.  

While this may cause urinary issues like needing to go more often and more urgently, many men aren’t aware that an enlarged prostate can also affect your sexual health. 

When the prostate begins to grow too big, it can start affecting your sexual performance and satisfaction. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the prostate affects your sexual health and why it’s important to keep your prostate healthy. 

Why the Prostate Is Important For Sexual Health

Although it’s a small gland, the prostate plays a key role in sexual health and reproductive function. It sits at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body. The main purpose of the prostate is to produce the fluid that combines with sperm to make semen.

During climax, the prostate contracts and forces the prostatic fluid into the urethra. 

The prostate tends to become inflamed and grow with age, putting pressure on the bladder and urethra. 

This usually causes symptoms like trouble urinating, needing to go more often, and a feeling of incomplete emptying (1). 

However, an enlarged prostate can also lead to sexual issues, including (2): 

  • reduced sex drive
  • trouble getting and maintaining an erection
  • painful ejaculations and pain during sex
  • a decline in sexual satisfaction 

Certain prostate issues can also affect fertility in men. 

BPH and Erectile Dysfunction 

By far the most common prostate issue affecting men is benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH or an enlarged prostate. 

Doctors have known for a while that BPH can greatly increase your risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual problems (3, 4). 

In fact, men with symptomatic BPH have a 50% increased risk of ED (5).

And the more severe your symptoms of BPH, the more likely you are to experience ED (6). 

Why Does Prostate Growth Cause Sexual Issues?

Because it surrounds the urethra, it’s not hard to imagine that prostate growth and inflammation can affect your sexual health negatively. 

But why exactly does prostate growth lead to sexual problems?

Research has shown that an enlarged prostate reduces the activity of a compound called nitric oxide, which acts as vasodilator to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Nitric oxide is crucial for getting and maintaining healthy erections (7).

BPH also affects the smooth muscles of the penis, making it harder for them to relax and allow the necessary blood flow to get an erection (7). 

When you’re not able to perform as well as you’d like, it’s natural to have less desire for sex and for your confidence to plummet. 

The pressure on the urethra from an enlarged prostate can also make ejaculation painful and sex much less enjoyable.

Certain drugs used to treat BPH can also cause ED as well as other side effects including reduced libido and problems with ejaculation. Some of these drugs reduce DHT levels, a hormone that plays a key role in sexual health and vitality (8).

However, other drugs used to treat BPH can improve symptoms of ED, including Viagra and Cialis (8). 

Ways to Improve Prostate Health and Sexual Health

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to support the health of your prostate and your sexual health as well. 


Besides eating an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fiber and omega-3 fats like those found in salmon, there are certain foods that are especially helpful for the prostate. 

Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene that reduces inflammation in the prostate that can drive prostate growth and cancer (9). 

Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of zinc that supports prostate health. Research shows they may reduce symptoms of BPH (10).

Make sure to avoid excess sugar and foods that spike your blood sugar levels like pasta and white rice. Sugar increases inflammation throughout the body and increases insulin levels that which leads to prostate growth (11). 


Exercise is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can support the health of your prostate. When you exercise, you increase your levels of nitric oxide that boosts blood flow and helps with erections. 

Simply walking three hours a week significantly reduces your risk of developing BPH (12). 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Try keep the extra pounds off. Excess weight, especially around the waist, is bad for the prostate and your sexual health. It increases inflammation in the prostate and can promote prostate growth. It also increases blood pressure and increases your risk for ED (13).  


Beta-sitosterol has been shown in multiple studies to reduce BPH symptoms and improve prostate health and function (14).

Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and increases nitric oxide levels for better circulation (15).

Nettle root has been shown to reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate as well as decrease the size of the prostate (16, 17).


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